Treasury Headquarters Fellowship Program (Washington, DC)

The Treasury Headquarters Fellowship Program – is designed to provide for the recruitment and selection of exceptional employees for careers in the public sector, provide developmental and professional experiences to individuals who have completed their formal education, and to provide a professional/industry exchange that brings experienced practitioners to the Department of the Treasury.

The Fellows work in a variety of program areas including but not limited to international finance and economics, economic and monetary affairs, international trade, banking and finance, tax policy, community development, public policy, accounting, investments, law enforcement, and other appropriate related fields. The grades of the positions may range from GS-7 through GS-15 based on the kind or subject matter of work, level of difficulty and responsibility, and the level of qualifications required to perform the work.


Fellowship appointments are initially made for less than four years and may be extended up to the four-year limit, as appropriate, and at the request of the sponsoring office.

Eligibility Requirements:

U.S. Citizen

Meet the qualification requirements outlined in the U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s Qualification Standards for the applicable position.

Junior Fellows – Be a graduate from undergraduate and graduate programs up to the Master’s level.

Senior Fellows – Be an individual who possess Doctoral level graduate degrees or extensive professional experience directly related to the sponsoring Office’s requirements.


There is no specific deadline. All application materials must be sent to

For more information, click here.

Point of Contact:

Gilbert Tillman, (202) 927-4800

Treasury is an Equal Opportunity Employer agency.

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