USDA Internship – Summer 2017

The United State Department of Agriculture, Financial Management Office, Grants Management and Administrative Services is seeking 2 interns. One with outstanding communication skills (Undergraduate Student) and one (Graduate Student) with good interpretation of legislation as well as regulation, guidelines and policy. The purpose of this project is to improve efficiency among programs internally.

• This opportunity is a non-paid internship, however students will be name credited in contribution to final project and gain a wealth of experience.

• We are looking for one undergraduate (excellent writer, who will be led, guided and directed in writing the needs assessment, and other areas of the project – however they must understand/know grammar rules) and one graduate student (critical thinker and producer in more advance areas of the project).

• Intern is needed to report to the office in the SAM NUNN Building 3 days / 8 hours per day; Tuesday – Thursday.

• The project timeline is 60 days June 15, 2017 – August 15, 2017.

• Intern(s) would report to the Sr. Exe. Management Analyst (Rose Glass Pue)

(Similar to that of Management Analyst)
Serves as a special projects officer and conducts comprehensive research, review and analyses on a wide variety of Food and Nutrition-related internal programs for capturing – documenting and addressing multi-functional needs/issues. Internal programs to be served are: Financial Management (FM), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Special Nutrition Program (SNP), Women, Infant and Children (WIC)

Serve as the principal editor, tabulate needs assessment of internal programs activities. Reviews and assesses the effectiveness of current in- house programs and determines where new or changed processes are required to more efficiently execute programs, missions, and cross functions where applicable. Analyze collected data and findings and interpret complex legislative, regulatory, and/or policy guidance for use in project.

Participate in providing Sr. Executive Management Analyst input to improve and/or overcome shortfalls and deficiencies and to formulate alternative courses of action for the solution of complex cross cutting needs /issues. Prepare and manage documentation for multiple parts of project that may operate concurrently in phases e.g., gather and analyze data for needs assessment, define needs, prioritize needs, and summarize findings; roadmap, crosswalk then final product.

Serves on Committees, Food and Nutrition task groups, or comparable groups; handle delegated responsibility for reviewing and developing updated procedures and guidelines where applicable. Establish and forge relationships with stakeholders to collaborate and facilitate the development and integration of operating the project as a program initiatives and activities across a broad area if/when applicable.

Incumbent primary role is to review, analyze, assess and prepare documents, briefings, summaries, responses to requests for information, and prepare other substantive documents for meetings, reports and creation of product(s).

Interested candidates should contact Latanya Bucker with a resume at

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