John Quincy Adams Society and The National Interest Essay Contest – Deadline February 23, 2020

The John Quincy Adams Society, together with The National Interest, has opened its 2020 foreign policy essay contest for college students. Winners will see their essays run at The National Interest, receive a substantial cash prize, and earn a seat at our annual student leadership conference in Washington, D.C.

The questions we’ve selected touch on headline-making topics with which many students will be familiar, but they also invite deep, critical inquiry into literatures on international relations theory, security studies, Middle Eastern studies, political theory, constitutional law, and more.

The two prompts are:

1. What vital national interests (if any) does the United States have in the Middle East? Considering that, what should America’s military presence (if any) and willingness to use force in the Middle East look like?

2. What ability, if any, should a President have to initiate military force abroad without Congressional authorization?

More information about the contest, including deadlines, rules, and entry submission, can be found here.

The Society has other opportunities for students and for faculty that may be of interest. We support faculty-led reading groups around a long list of international security books. We have a large network of campus chapters in which students prepare intellectually and professionally for impactful U.S. foreign policy careers. We have an extensive speaker list, an acclaimed newsletter with a curated weekly roundup of foreign policy job and internship openings, and a professional network here in Washington.

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