2nd Transatlantic Logistics Conference

2nd Transatlantic Logistics Conference

Time: 9am – 5:00pm
Location: The Peachtree Conference Center,
999 Peachtree Street NE, Suite 550
Atlanta, GA 30309

Join us for a reception following the program:
(sponsored by Smith Gambrell & Russell <
http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=b9v5n9bab&et=1103891043624&s=11988&e=001JeRk35hUNt1BlkPSJqlvTMrfwHNPSfEJ4tNHO5Ia5STnnXeRYqpx-YlH8XM-Glfnib0sydkQoaUuhKcVyMkaDPLM6TxzPP2-wwWeUjEKXKyp76aShe-O1A==> )

Time: 5pm – 7pm
Smith, Gambrell & Russell
1230 Peachtree Street, NE,
Atlanta, GA 30309

  Agenda Logistics Conference:  
09:00  –  09:30:Networking & Registration
09:30  –  09:45:Welcome remarks
09:45  –  10:30:BLG Logistics (Steven D. Markham, President)
10:30  –  11:15:Porsche Logistics Services (Robert Nemchik, General Manager)
11:15  –  11:45:Coffee break
11:45  –  12:30:Center of Innovation for Logistics (Page Siplon, Executive Director)
12:30  –  01:30:Lunch
01:30  –  02:15:

Continental Tire the Americas (Dr. Jens Harneit, Director Supply Chain
 Management PLT the Americas)
02:15  –  03:00:Smith Gambrell & Russell (Walter Hinton, Counsel in the Corporate Section)
03:00  –  03:30:Coffee break
03:30  –  04:15:

Dachser USA (Roger Richard, Jr., Director – Operations, Compliance,
 Information Technology)
04:15Travel to Smith Gambrell & Russell
04:45  –  05:00:Registration
05:00  –  07:00:Networking Reception, sponsored by Smith Gambrell & Russell

We invite attendees of the 2nd Transatlantic Logistics Conference and the Environmental Trade Mission 2010 to join us for a networking reception sponsored by Smith Gambrell & Russell. The Environmental Trade Mission brings international leaders in clean technology and Southeastern business and civic leaders together. Join us to meet official representatives from the City of Atlanta as well as various states throughout the Southeast.

To register for the Logistics Conference, please click here <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=b9v5n9bab&et=1103891043624&s=11988&e=001JeRk35hUNt0FfgNcSObfPe4hhdjwrOZT63aTUkcyz5zfgUGUjyQ9_VbUsiMUL1ldXOIEocs1kzI6bEQP_JrwdBbgaEMGSYIp_mMMFqBK5kMHa_lXOz0xsH3kF-SVHMld_CJvQ9NprHok-ilZU0Rz-wDjv_FvCYV76jxWwt1kHgFWQmp1gmZeeWANZ4flKsQ0asTAVlEFgUmCbrRiPx7o1MRj3o443iqSYUgVYJ5CGysJteslCgT3Og==> .

More information about the Environmental Trade Mission can be found here <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=b9v5n9bab&et=1103891043624&s=11988&e=001JeRk35hUNt0_iPhEwtVn6fmbK6fmtaK9pgb36JY-ssj2eh8Lp4LlO9cL1Slh4oY5G-Gp9aGE8wneMHvPB6vs69BB70Sdo0bUWea_h0UuJTtoouzUbkUHVJ9ZvsnGQisBT7fQo38qSNLX7B37QrV12Q==> .

For further questions, please feel free to contact:
Silke Miehlke (2nd Transatlantic Logistics Conference) +1 (404) 586-6804, smiehlke@gaccsouth.com


Carsten Jacobi (Environmental Trade Mission) +1 (404)  586-6827, cjacobi@gaccsouth.com


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