Atlanta Council on International Relations | Student Rate

Since its formation, the Atlanta Council on International Relations (ACIR) has sought to provide an important platform for local experts, visiting diplomats, and academics for the discussion of significant international issues and matters relating to the foreign policy of the United States. ACIR is dedicated to providing its members and the community with a better understanding of the complex issues that confront the United States and the global community in the fields of international and security affairs, global economics and policy, and relations between and among nations and non-state actors in the international arena. It seeks to be a forum for high-level discussion and learning between those individuals in metro Atlanta who desire to interact with others with similar interests and world-class experts.

ACIR is committed to hosting cutting edge events for its membership. The diverse program set includes such things as luncheons, conferences, breakfasts with Atlanta resident Consul Generals, meet-ups for young professionals, and much, much more. ACIR encourages students to consider attending any upcoming events.

The Georgia Institute of Technology is an Institutional Member of ACIR. The Board of Directors has voted a student rate for students of Institutional Members. The first 10 students to register for a luncheon event may do so at a student rate of $20/person, instead of the standard $35. To learn more about the programs and events of ACIR, visit:

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