Call for Papers: Georgetown Transatlantic Policy Symposium (TAPS) | Apply by November 15

Georgetown is pleased to share the call for papers for the 2020 Transatlantic Policy Symposium (TAPS).

TAPS is an annual student-run conference that brings together academics, students, and professionals from around the world to discuss pressing issues at the heart of the transatlantic relationship. This year’s theme is titled “Building Better Partnerships: Transatlantic Cooperation with the Developing World.” It promises to be an exciting intellectual discussion!

The 2021 Transatlantic Policy Symposium asks you to analyze the challenges and opportunities facing the United States, Europe, and countries in the developing world. What specific problems must be addressed, what are the solutions, and who must rise to meet this challenge so that stable, mutually beneficial relationships are created? We welcome analysis from your respective academic discipline (Political Science, Economics, History, or Cultural Studies) and your regional expertise.

You can view the Call for Papers here. For more information on the Transatlantic Policy Symposium, visit

Abstract Deadline: November 15, 2020

Final Draft Deadline: January 10, 2021

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