Sign up for the Roosevelt Campus Network Policy Conference Series

GT Roosevelt, a chapter of the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network, the first student-run public policy think-tank, invites you to register for the first of the nation-wide spring policy conferences in Washington, DC on March 26 – 27. The theme of this conference is “Defense, Diplomacy, and Development,” and the conference will be hosted in George Washington University, and administered by Rocky Cole (UGA).

This is an excellent opportunity to see first-hand what Roosevelt is all about, many other students from across the network will be present, and it will give you, as a potential Roosevelt member, a good impression of the dynamism of the movement. Also, several senators, congressmen, and staff will be present and give talks during the event (as well as reps from USAID and other federal agencies). If you are seriously interested in attending, please contact Chris Esposo, President of GT Roosevelt,  ASAP. He is coordinating details with the SGA to get partial stipends for the trip. The more people attending, the greater the stipend, but he needs to have a clue on the size to be written on the bill by Sunday night.

Registration on the national end is open till March 15, 2011. There will also be potential stipends dispersed from the national-network so please indicate that you require one during the registration process here:

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