The Georgia Tech National Model UN Team

The Georgia Tech National Model UN Team, consisting of 17 delegates, travelled to Boston, MA from February 16-20, 2011 to participate in the Harvard National Model UN conference. The conference hosted 3000 students from nearly 250 universities and colleges across 39 nations. The  delegates from Georgia Tech represented The Kingdom of Belgium at the various General Assembly, Economic and Social Council and Regional Bodies Committees, learning and discussing today’s most relevant issues of international diplomacy ranging from the Taliban to Universal Jurisdiction to the expansion of NATO. The GT delegates spent six tough months researching Belgium’s domestic and foreign policies on the assigned topics, writing position papers and learning rules and procedures of the conference. This pre-conference preparation aided us in articulating and defending the opinions of the real UN ambassadors, and in being more effective by contributing to debate, caucusing, and resolution-writing. At the conference, delegates honed their analytical, lobbying, diplomacy, debating, resolution writing and most importantly, their public speaking skills, often times speaking to a group of over 400 students.

While being an excellent academic forum, the conference also provided a great networking forum for future leaders, hosting social events like the Club night and the customary Delegate Dance. The MUN participants came away from this conference having met people from all over the world, with a greater understanding of the problems that plague the world, and a stronger commitment to find solutions to these problems.

The GT Delegates at HNMUN 2011 are:

Name Major
Malini Jagannadhan Electrical Engineering
Sanjana Rao Industrial Engineering
Gaelle Belhseine International Affairs
Michael Boland International Affairs Modern Languages, Spanish
Rhushikesh Bhadkamkar Electrical Engineering
Tanveer Chandok Aerospace Engineering
Erin Horvath Econ- Inta, Industrial Engineering
Adrian Mitchell Nuclear and Radiological Engineering, International Affairs Minor
Robert Isaf Undecided
Laura O’Donnell International Affairs Modern Affairs, Chinese
Paria Ghyabi International Affairs Modern Languages
Sapphire Liu International Affairs Modern Languages, Japanese Minor
Camille Barnet Management, French Minor
Heta Jangla Industrial Engineering, Finance Certificate
Mohammad Shabib Industrial Engineering, Pre-Law Minor
Cynthia Geng MBA
Aurélie Tabuteau International Affairs/ Public Policy

Photos from the Conference:

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