New Change of Major Policy

The Sam Nunn School of International Affairs has instituted a new Change of Major policy for students wishing to major in International Affairs (INTA), International Affairs and Modern Language (IAML), or Economics and International Affairs (EIA).

Non-INTA/IAML/EIA students that want to change to INTA or IAML or EIA and have MORE than 60 hours, must:

  Be in good academic standing. See the descriptions of academic standing here.

Non-INTA/IAML/EIA students with less than 60 hours are allowed one unrestricted change of major, keeping with Catalog rules (

Transfer students do not have one unrestricted change of major, and thus, must also be in good academic standing, in order to be eligible to change to INTA or IAML or EIA.

We do not allow Change of Majors during Registration, so please plan accordingly! Learn more about our Change of Major policies and process at:

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