Canvassing Opportunity for Senatorial and Gubernatorial Races – Atlanta, GA

There is a canvassing and survey opportunity sponsored in part by The Douglass Leadership Institute and The Faith & Freedom Coalition. The program wishes to hire 20 undergraduate and 2 graduate students from the University (College). The 2 graduate students will work as team captains to support in coordinating the team.
Canvassing Team Member (Undergraduate)
•    To engage politely with Georgia (Atlanta) residents and to follow the guidelines established by the DLI State Director or Team Captain for canvassing and reporting.
•    To use the phone/tablet app to record all households engaged
•    To coordinate with the DLI State Director or Team Captain on schedule for the canvassing operation
•    To provide the DLI State Director or Team Captain a completed W-9 form on or before your start date
•    To provide current contact information to the DLI State Director or Team Captain
Compensation:    $8.00 per-hour (30+ hours-per-week)
Canvassing Team Captain (Graduate)
•    Supports and performs duties as directed by the State Director in his absence.
•    Provides encouragement to team members and communicate expectations of the State Director to team members.
•    Assist in developing key strategies for team members to work efficiently and independently to ensure this project is successful.
•    Understanding the use of technology for the success of this project.
Compensation:    $10.00 per-hour (30+ hours-per-week)
If interested, email with what your schedule will be over the next few days to discuss the details for each team member because they are looking to start 9/24/2018

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