Free Digital LSAT: October 14 2017

The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) has announced that it will be conducting a free second field test of the Digital LSAT on October 14, 2017 at 8:30 AM for 2,000 test takers at about 40 testing centers throughout the U.S. and Canada, including Georgia! 

Details Summary

*October 14, 2017 – location depends on where you register

*free to register and to take

*does not count as a LSAT administration and scores are not transmitted to law schools- free practice!

*Takers who complete the entire exam and a follow-up survey will receive a full refund of an actual administration of the actual LSATField-test participants who take the LSAT and receive a reportable score no later than the June 2019 administration will receive a refund check for the cost of their test.

*tablet-based Digital LSAT that includes actual LSAT questions

*Receive a detailed performance report of your answers

*about 40 testing center options to pick from – one site in Georgia

Full details



LSAC announced in May 2017 that there will no longer be limitations on the number of times a test taker can sit for the LSAT in a two-year period. Prior to this, you could only take the LSAT three (3) times within a two year period.  The change is effective with the September 2017 LSAT administration. However, you should still abide the “one and done” philosophy when taking the LSAT. The first time should be your best time because you are the most prepared you can be.

Expanded LSAT schedule

The LSAT will be offered six (6) instead of four (4) times in a yearly cycle. This goes into effect starting in June 2018.

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