Graduate School as the Next Step

Fall is a busy time of year for all of us. For those of you considering graduate school, you may be thinking about or even procrastinating about those applications, tests, and recommendation letters. I want to remind you of a few resources to help you get started!

Attached is a flyer of some of the upcoming fairs, workshops, panels, and funding deadlines. Details about all these events can be found on the blog.  Check out the module in Canvas called Graduate School as the Next Step. You will find helpful information about asking for recommendations, test prep strategies, links to directories for MBAs, MPHs, Law Schools, Graduate Programs, and more. Also, there is a whole pre-graduate advising program dedicated to helping you navigate the process.

Pro-tip: When asking for recommendations, don’t ask at the last minute! Give faculty the courtesy of a couple weeks, and have at minimum your resume for them to review. They may ask for additional information, and will need time to put that into a stellar letter on your behalf.

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