Open Journal of Political Science Seeking International Relations Papers

We are pleased to inform you that the Open Journal of Political Science (OJPS), is seeking papers for the coming special issue on International Relations. We are very pleased to invite you to submit related papers for us in the respect of your experience in the field. Please send your paper to (with the journal name or special issue name). Submission Deadline: June 26th, 2018

Fields (not restricted to)

* International organizations
* International relations theories
* Nations interact
* Foreign affairs
* Strategic behavior and diplomacy
* War and peace, security, terrorism
* International political economy
* Global cultures
* International environmental politics
* Human rights and security

All manuscripts submitted to our journals undergo peer review. Peer review process is within one week and the whole publishing process is within 1.5 months.

Published Articles in OJPS:

The Political Situation, Trends and Geopolitical Implications of Sub-Saharan and North African Countries: Comparative Study
Amsalu K. Addis, Zuping Zhu
Trust in the Market: Institutions versus Social Capital
Caterina Galluccio
Notes on Chaos: Draft Political Treatises
Jan-Erik Lane

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