Participate in a focus group for GT Pre-Graduate and Pre-Professional Advising | February 4

If you have met with me for pre-graduate advising between May 6, 2019 and January 24, 2020, please consider participating in a focus group to help PGPP learn what you feel went well and what you feel we can improve on in the future.
The focus group is guided conversation that will center on particular aspects of your advisement experience. The questions are open-ended and invite dialogue among participants.

We will have Insomnia Cookies too!

Tuesday, February 4, 2020
Clough Lounge, CULC Suite 205 (next to Starbuck’s)
11:00am – 12:00pm
Want to join the fun? RSVP at
Note: All names and contact info will remain confidential. PGPP Advisors will not see the registrations nor the list of attendees. The focus group facilitator is an assessment professional in the Georgia Tech Office of Undergraduate Education, not a PGPP advisor. All responses will be aggregated and participants’ identities will remain confidential. PGPP advisors will receive a written report only.  PGPP will not receive any recording of the focus group conversation.

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