Global Career Boot Camps

Career development for globally minded professionals.  

New York City | Washington, D.C. | Boston.



Global Careers Boot Camp

  • Where are the jobs?
  • What degrees, internships, and training programs are best?
  • How do I break into the field?  Resume & application guidance.
NYC April 18 | DC May 3

Landing a Job in International Development
  • Where are the international development jobs?
  • What’s the deal?  Field work vs. Headquarters, salaries, lifestyle.
  • What are employers recruiting for right now?

NYC April 17 | DC May 1 | BOS May 15

Opportunities in International Exchange & Education

  • What kind of jobs are out there?
  • Who’s hiring?  NGOs, think tanks, government, schools & more.
  • How do I get an edge? Networking, resumes, successful interviewing.
NYC April 24 | DC May 2 | BOS May 16

Breaking into Global Finance: I-Banking to the World Bank

  • Where are the jobs in international finance & banking?
  • An insider’s view on networking, training, & landing the job
  • Leveraging your finance background into exciting opportunities
NYC April 25
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All attendees receive:
Course-specific FPA U Tool Book
Automatic enrollment in the Foreign Policy Association’s Global Jobs email alerts
Free half-year digital subscription to Foreign Affairs Magazine
Light food and drink during networking session

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