Kinetix YPC Resume and Interview Workshop

KinetixKinetix YPC is hosting a resume and interview workshop that will help you get hired—like—yesterday. Come hang out with us to catch the low down on how to buff up your resume and own the interview you’re about to get after you leave this event.

On November 11th, from 6:30-7:30pm, Kinetix Intern Manager and Recruiter, Colleen Fitzgerald, will be leading a workshop on how to Buff Up Your Resume and Increase Your Marketability. She’ll also assist you with navigating the basics of creating a stellar online resume because… well, go green, kids.

  • What you can expect: Tips on how to improve your resume (online, too!) 10 ways to stand out to potential employers—no, stalking your potential employer is not the best way to be remembered. Hands-on assistance from recruiters to help you update your e-resume on the fly—kind of like the Apple store but minus the blue shirts and blinding white tables.
  • Where? You won’t need your compass to find this one (OK, maybe your Google map app). We’re meeting on Georgia Tech’s campus in Room 101 of the College of Management, which is located at 800 West Peachtree Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30308. The room is located on the first floor, near the West Peachtree Street building entrance.
  • Parking? We knew you’d ask. The best place to park is at the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center/Technology Square parking deck located at 770 Spring Street, Atlanta, GA 30308. To reach room 101 from the parking deck, cross Spring Street and continue walking up Armstead Place NW. Enter the College of Management building through the last door before West Peachtree Street. The room will be on the right before the elevators. For further information about directions and parking, please see:
  • Cost? This event is free for anyone with a valid student ID or those who are current Kinetix YPC members. Otherwise, it’s $5 at the door. A little change goes a long way. Trust.

RSVP by dropping in your info here, and be sure to follow us for updates on Twitter at @KinetixYPC, as well as our LinkedIn group.

About Kinetix YPC: We’re not about boring speakers and awkward conversation. We’re all about hanging out and learning stuff that you’ll actually want to use to advance your career—because let’s be honest, you don’t really have your dream career right now and you need some guidance on how to get there. Kinetix Young Professionals Club is here to bring you the most up-to-date career insight from our recruiting knowledge (recruiters=the people hiring you). With workshops on social media, personal branding, resume building, career advancement, and a whole lot more, our meetings are an event you don’t want to miss.

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