Minor in Something Major: Sustainable Cities!

INFO SESSION: Thursday, Feb 9, 11am-12pm @ Architecture East 214

To register: https://planning.gatech.edu/minor-sustainable-cities

Would you like to understand and be equipped to address the overlapping economic, environmental, social justice, health, financial and political crises that play out in the cities we live in?

The College of Design invites you to learn more over coffee and cookies with faculty, advisors and students from the Sustainable Cities minor. Come and find out how it nurtures transdisciplinary, analytical and critical skills and empowers students to be change-makers.  With a wide range of electives, including CP, SLS, MGT, BIOS, EAS, PUBP, HTS, LMC, CS, INTA, CEE, ISYE, ARCH, VIP, SPAN, GRMN, FREN courses, summer internships and study abroad programs, the minor can be customized to meet diverse student interests and complements and adds value to virtually any undergraduate major.

We look forward to meeting you and answering your questions! Please RSVP.

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