“Preparing for Success in Law School: Expert Advice for Undergraduates” Webinar

This webinar will offer expert advice to undergraduates (and those in the work force) who are in the early phases of considering law school. Our two expert presenters – a highly experienced pre-law advisor from a public flagship university and a veteran dean of law admissions and admission consultant – will address the following topics:

  • Courses, experiences and skills that can provide a strong foundation for success in law school
  • Recommendations for learning about legal careers and suggestions for learning about the costs and returns of a legal education
  • A timeline for preparing for and applying to law school
  • Strategies to position yourself for admission and scholarship opportunities at the law schools of your choice

Following the presenters’ remarks will be a Q and A segment during which time participants may ask questions.”

Learn more about the webinar at http://law.msu.edu/admissions/webinars/Preparing-for-Law-School-Expert-Advice.html

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