State and Federal Internship Programs Info Sessions

State and Federal Internship Programs


Georgia Legislative Internship Program

SPRING 2023 DEADLINE: September 30, 2022 at 5pm

Offered only in the spring, the Georgia Legislative Internship Program is an opportunity to meet state lawmakers and experience the legislative process first hand while working full time in offices in and around the State Capitol in downtown Atlanta. The internship lasts approximately 12 to 16 weeks (January to April), depending on the length of the legislative session. The internship is open to all majors; however, it is restricted to U.S.-resident undergraduate students (sophomore and above) only. It is a paid internship, and students may also earn up to 12 hours of academic credit. A limited number of internship positions are available.

Federal Jackets Fellowship

SPRING & SUMMER 2023 DEADLINE: September 22, 2022 at 5pm

FALL 2023 DEADLINE: February 9, 2023 at 5pm

Offered each semester, selected students work full-time in federal government offices in and around Washington, D.C. for 16 weeks in the fall/spring or 10 weeks in the summer. The opportunity includes a $7,500 stipend in the fall/spring and a $5,000 stipend in the summer to offset expenses (housing, transportation, and living expenses). This program is open to both undergraduate (sophomore and above) and graduate students of all majors. International students are eligible to apply; however, some federal offices only accept applications from United States citizens.

Info Sessions

Georgia Legislative Internship Program: Tuesday, August 30 11am – 12pm


Student Success Center President Suites C&D


Federal Jackets Fellowship Program: Thursday, September 8 11am – 12pm


Virtual Session on ZOOM

Visit for details and to start your application.


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