Technology and the Future of Work: How AI and Big Data are Changing the Job Market | March 6

Beth Simone Noveck
Fri March 6, 3pm-4:30pm
In Klaus, Room 2447
 “Technology and the Future of Work: How AI and Big Data are Changing the Job Market”
In this conversation, former White House staffer Prof. Noveck explores the relationship between new technologies — including automation and robotics, big data and AI and the technologies of collective intelligence — and work. We’ll look at the impact that advances in these technologies are having across industries, and the ways in which they are transforming the availability, conditions, and meaning of work, in which sectors and for whom. We seek to understand what these technologies are and to explore how they are deepening challenges for workers, employers and the economy. We will address such problems as technological unemployment, uncertainty of work, low wages and rampant inequality, workplace discrimination and surveillance. But we will also investigate how emerging technologies, many of the same ones giving rise to the challenges, are also enabling radical and exciting new solutions and making it possible to create more plentiful, safer and secure work. Our goal is to make sense of the confusing landscape of the future of work and how we can use technological innovation to improve human well-being and shared prosperity. In the process, we hope to equip you with the insight and information needed to plan your own career path in a rapidly changing technological environment.

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