2017 Internship, NASA – Washington, DC

NASA Internship
Office of International and Interagency Relations (OIIR) – Desk Officer Support

Description (specific student assignment): The Office of International and Interagency Relations (OIIR) has occasional opportunities for student interns. An intern’s primary duties would be to assist the desk officers in one of the Divisions of OIIR in: working with scientists and engineers in NASA program and project offices to draft cooperative international agreements within his/her areas of responsibility, coordinate their approval within NASA and, as appropriate, with State Department and other U.S. Government agencies, and negotiate them with NASA’s foreign partners staffing senior level visits to and from foreign countries, including arranging meeting schedules and preparing appropriate briefing materials attending interoffice and interagency meetings, or Hill hearings related to assigned subject areas keeping NASA officials apprised of major activities related to the intern’s areas of responsibility; arrange clearance for NASA visits abroad through the State Department and foreign Embassies; and work closely with foreign space-related representatives to obtain/provide information. This opportunity would provide the applicant hands-on experience in international negotiations and collaboration, and will offer real-life examples of how policy, politics, and interagency collaboration impact NASA’s mission.

Expected opportunity outcome (i.e. research, final report, poster presentation, etc.): While no final products are required, interns are encouraged to consider working with their mentor on a special project such as a report or presentation that meets a particular need for OIIR.

Student’s Computer and/or Special Skills: The student must be proficient in Microsoft programs (Word, Excel, Power Point), and be technology-savvy.

Comments: OIIR is looking for applicants that have a proactive attitude and are open to new experiences. Any majors may apply, including English, Political Science, International Relations.


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