Summer Aerospace Security Project Internship, Center for Strategic and International Studies (DC)

Job summary

The CSIS Aerospace Security Project focuses on issues related to space security, air dominance and long-range strike, and commercial and civil space. This summer, the Project is seeking a research intern for our air and space research portfolios. The internship will support the Aerospace Security Project with administrative and research needs. The internship will be paid an hourly wage, compliant with DC minimum wage, dependent on education-level and experience. There is the possibility for the position to be virtual or in person in Washington, D.C.

The research internship will focus on the Project’s Space Security, Civil and Commercial Space, and Air Dominance and Long-Range Strike portfolios. Particular topic areas include, but are not limited to international space policy, commercial launch activities, the aerospace industrial base, counterspace weapons, military space strategy and organization, space situational awareness, and space policy and regulations.

This position will paid an hourly rate.

Essential duties and responsibilities


  • Conduct literature reviews, and compile and analyze data for ongoing research projects.
  • Provide other research, writing, and editing support for various reports and documents.
  • Support written products through background research, copy-editing, and editing citations as necessary.
  • Collaborate with and support multiple staff members on different research projects on topics ranging from air dominance, cislunar activities, international space policy, space sustainability, space security, U.S. Space Force strategy and missions, and more.
  • Draft outreach and promotional content.
  • Discover, clean, organize, and analyze various data sources, such as Department of Defense or NASA budget data, space launch data, satellite telemetry data, finance and investment projections, or counterspace weapons data.


  • Support content on Twitter, the CSIS website, and Aerospace Security (
  • Assist in preparation for meetings, private and public events, and conferences.
  • Virtually attend meetings and events to take notes on various topics related to international development in addition to other forms of event support.
  • Tracking relevant legislation and public announcements in the aerospace sector
  • Perform ad hoc requests and other duties as necessary in support of staff members.

Knowledge, education, and experience

  • Either currently enrolled in a PhD, master’s or bachelor’s program; or has already obtained a B.A., B.S., M.A., PhD or equivalent;
  • Interest or experience in aerospace, space science, defense, or national security;
  • Excellent record in an academic and research environment;
  • Demonstrated the ability to take detailed notes during meetings in an effective manner.
  • Demonstrated professional communication skills in conversation with colleagues and high-level stakeholders and be able to communicate ideas clearly in various written formats.
  • Outstanding attention to detail; proven ability to advance research projects with hands-off supervision while being accountable for the accuracy of outputs.
  • Strong writing, editing, communication, and time management skills.
How to applyInterested applicants should submit a résumé and cover letter here.The application will close on March 15, 2023.

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