Career Talks! Podcast: Internships with the President of Poland

Take a listen to this podcast where Mpaza Kapembwa, a now alumnus of the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs master’s program, sat down for an interview on his internship with the president of Poland. He talks about what his internship entailed and shared some of the program details. In his interview, he encourages Nunn School students to apply to programs they wouldn’t normally consider. Then Mpaza ends with how this experience is going to help with his role as Foreign Service Officer.

Career Talks! Podcast is a new feature, to capture the experiences and share the advice of our students about opportunities they have taken advantage of while a student here in the Nunn School. These podcasts will be developed periodically, and highlighted on our Advising Blog and in the Weekly Digest.

We are looking for students with unique and rewarding internship, leadership, fellowship and overseas experiences to interview. If you’d like to learn more, contact Stephanie Jackson.


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