CIA’s Stokes Scholarship Program – apply now for Summer 2024


The CIA’s Stokes Scholarship is a competitive, financial need-based program. Eligibility is based on a maximum yearly household income of $120,000 or $50,000 if independent. Students are required to complete at least one 90-day summer work tour with the CIA prior to graduation, however, it is preferred that students complete two 90-day tours. Because the CIA heavily invests in scholarship recipients, accepting a scholarship offer requires an agreement for continued employment with the Agency for a specified timeframe. Stokes Scholars are required to work at the Agency after college graduation for a period equal to 1.5 times the length of the college sponsorship they received from CIA. For example, if a student is in the program for two years, they would be required to work with the CIA for three years after graduation. All internship positions require relocation to the Washington, DC metropolitan area during summer work tours. Students can apply to the scholarship program from March through June every year.


  • Background  The 1987 Intelligence Authorization Act authorized CIA to establish an undergraduate and graduate training program to facilitate the recruitment of individuals with a demonstrated capability to develop skills critical to the mission of the CIA.
  • Students may apply to the Undergraduate Scholarship Program as high school seniors or college freshmen/sophomores OR to the Graduate Scholarship Program as college seniors or first-year graduate students.
  • The Agency employs scholarship (Stokes) students year-round. Their permanent duty stations are their school locations, where their job is to obtain mission-critical skills and become full contributors to the mission upon graduation. Stokes students are considered Agency employees for their entire time in the program.
  • Stokes students return to the Washington Metropolitan Area (WMA) during their summer breaks from school to complete work tours with the Agency


Students have to go through our medical and security process. If you are interested in our Undergraduate or Graduate Scholarship programs, the application window is now open for Summer 2024 from 1 March – 30 June 2023.

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