Etafeni Day Care Centre Trust Internship Opportunity

“Etafeni Day Care Centre Trust (  is keen to connect with an interns/volunteers from APSIA schools.

Intern(s) may select one or more of the tasks from these opportunities:

  • Conduct research into impact of programmes
  • Develop communication strategy to enhance funding networks.
  • Fund Raising: research and submit proposals to suitable funders. Develop fundraising strategy to raise funds through new networks.
  • Training/building capacity of managers on report writing and success stories,
  • Working on the monitoring and evaluation tools. Helping to simplify the tools.

Most of the above needs to be done in South Africa, but researching funding opportunities and helping with proposal writing can be done remotely.


  • A background in development, organisational development, or social enterprise required.
  • A passion and compassion for work of this nature which can be slow and frustrating
  • Experience with fundraising or business development helpful

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to Barbara Miller at

Over the years, Etafeni has successfully hosted numbers of students from Stanford University and more recently, we hosted two 6-month internships from Northeastern University.   We have benefited from their energy, interest and passion and in turn, they are able to learn from and give to Etafeni’s many programmes.

Working at Etafeni provides a broad experience of development work and organisational development.  I can say with conviction that the majority, if not all, interns, undergo a remarkable change of perception of Africa, poverty and the value of human relations.

The Etafeni experience “gets below your skin” and continues to live for many many years.”

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