European Parliament Liaison Office Internship – Washington, DC & Brussels, Belgium

The European Parliament Liaison Office with the US Congress (EPLO) is pleased to announce the launch of its next round of full-time, paid internships aimed at US graduates. What better place to monitor transnational politics in action, to see global players in international affairs addressing global challenges across a range of policy areas, and to witness the interplay between decision-makers in the US and lawmakers from the European Union?

 Around four interns will be accepted in our Washington DC office from May 1st-July 31st, 2018, with an option to extend the internship for a further two months in the fall at our headquarters in Brussels. We require a CV in Europass format, a personal statement and two letters of recommendation directly sent by faculty members. The deadline to apply is March 15th.

Further details are available on our website:

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