Fall 2017 Leadership Internships, AMP Global Youth – Washington, DC

AMP is run by youth, for youth. Rockstar youth like you lead all of our work, from creating campaigns to launching social media. And we’re looking for the best and brightest to lead this community in 2017-18! Is that you? Read on!
Our teams members are confident communicators; enthusiastic about leadership development, social change, and advocacy; passionate about global issues facing our generation; and dedicated to collaboration with fellow team-members.
Positions are filled each semester, with team members serving as either leaders or associates. Working towards positive social change at AMP is a commitment, but it’s also fun, empowering and rewarding.
1. LEADERS coordinate semester-long projects and support their team and the day-to-day work of our community. They work 15 hours/week.
2. ASSOCIATES support national teams and their respective semester-long projects as well as the day-to-day work of our community. They work 5 hours/week.
3. STUDENT NETWORK COORDINATOR leads volunteer and network support and development efforts. They work 15 hours/week.
4. CULTURAMA FELLOW leads outreach for our new mobile intercultural game in key cities.
Information about all below. Leader and Associate Positions available on the following teams. (Scroll down for Network Coordinator and Culturama Fellow positions).

The Training Team supports our popular training program Global Scholar, and creates webinars, videos and graphics on a wide range of social change, leadership, and communications topics. Team members don’t need to be experts in these areas; having a strong interest in social change and leadership development is enough!
Team responsibilities
1. WEBINAR AND VIDEO DEVELOPMENT: Develop great content profiling leaders and opportunities for social change, for example interviewing a partner organization around their work on food security.
2. TRAINING PROGRAM SUPPORT: Helping us pull off great on-the-ground and virtual training events, including Global Scholar and other training workshops.

This semester we’re looking for Team Leaders to lead our webinar series, and produce a series of short video interviews with experts working on global issues. We also need Associates to help develop graphics and do promotion / outreach for these.

The Campaigns Team creates powerful content to inspire action and conversation around global issues, including food justice, security, funding for international development, climate change, and interfaith understanding. We launch new campaigns and actions throughout the semester, developed by the campaign team during monthly workshops led by an AMP advisor. This fall our work will focus on diversity/immigration/xenophobia, US foreign assistance, and the #MyAmerica storytelling campaign.
Team responsibilities include:
1. DEVELOP CAMPAIGN STRATEGY: Collaborate with team members to draft ideas for campaigns surrounding the global issues you care about. The team will create campaign materials including flyers, petitions, posters, graphics, and more.
2. PROMOTE CAMPAIGNS across social media, and to our broad youth network.
3. ENGAGE STUDENTS and campuses across the country around campaign goals.
This semester we’re looking for Team Leaders to oversee campaign development, execution and outreach. We also need Associates to develop social media content and support outreach.

The Communications Team takes charge of a wide range of essential tasks that keep our community running smoothly, including outreach, marketing, partnerships, website management and social media. This is an exciting opportunity for anyone interested in marketing, social media and brand management.
Team responsibilities include:

1. SOCIAL MEDIA: Managing content for our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. This includes curating and creating great content like graphics, videos and blog posts, overseeing strategy for our platforms, and monitoring our effectiveness.
2. BRAND MANAGEMENT AND MARKETING: Helping get the word out about all-things AMP: our community, our work, and ways to get involved.
3. WEBSITE AND TECH TOOLS SUPPORT: Helping us do minor updates to our website pages, graphics and navigation. Also assisting with collaboration tools and databases including Basecamp, Hootsuite, Mailchimp and more.
This semester we need Team Leaders to work on updating our website, and transitioning our contacts to a new database. We’re also looking for Associates to help us implement best practices, and support our broader network’s adoption of various tools.

Connecting with and exploring our world motivates and inspires us to get involved. The Exchange Team works to promote virtual cultural exchange through programs including:
1. Culturama: This virtual, cultural exchange game created in partnership with the Steven’s Initiative and the Eurasia Foundation creates the incredible opportunity for Iranian and American students to communicate and collaborate.
2. BeGlobal: Profiles opportunities for students to explore and impact our world, for example through gap year programs, studying abroad, and more.

Team responsibilities include:
1. OUTREACH & PROMOTION: reaching out to our peer and partner organizations, as well as our broader virtual community to gather the stories (e.g. a personal Peace Corps experience to Thailand) and information (e.g. tips for applying to Peace Corps) that both fuel and promote our programs.
2. CONTENT DEVELOPMENT: creating fun and powerful social media content (graphics, videos, etc) that shares and promotes our cultural exchange opportunities.
This semester we’re looking for Team Leaders to spearhead outreach for each of these projects. We also need Associates to support that work by developing graphics and videos, reaching out to new communities and partners, and more.

The SNC plays a major leadership role on the network, through their facilitation of all things volunteer management.

Responsibilities include:
1. TEAM SUPPORT: They provide support to team leaders and team associates through weekly check-ins by email and video. It is their job to provide the support for each team member to get the most out of their AMP experience.
2. INTERNAL COMMUNITY BUILDING: The SNC leads team-bonding efforts and builds relationships between team members.
3. NETWORK STRATEGY: Through collecting feedback before, during and after the semester through interviews and surveys, the SCN helps make important decisions regarding the future of the network’s volunteer management system, and our programming on the whole.

AMP is partnering on a new mobile game connecting youth in the US and the Middle East, and we’re looking for Fellows to help get the word out! The experience is designed to increase people-to-people exchange between youth in the United States and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), equipping them with the skills they need to succeed in today’s interconnected world.
As catalysts in their community, Fellows will lead outreach, recruitment and conversations around the game. This is a great opportunity for individuals with an interest in intercultural issues, virtual exchange, global education, outreach, organizing, social marketing and communications.

Responsibilities Include:
1. Supporting finalization of the game experience and strategy. For example by providing feedback on game design.
2. Creating and leading outreach strategies for your community. Working with AMP staff, you’ll brainstorm most effective tactics for sharing the experience at the local level, including with schools, colleges and community organizations.
3. Creating fun and impactful promotional content for social media, print media, emails, events and more. You’ll need to be creative and break through the noise to reach faculty, administrators and students about this opportunity.
Skills and Qualifications Needed:
1. Must be a high school (upperclassmen only) or college or university student, currently enrolled.
2. Excellent charisma and personality, outgoing and willing to start conversations with strangers.
3. A strong desire to work or gain skills in marketing and brand management.
4. An interest in intercultural exchanges and building global understanding.
5. Tenacity, patience, and a sense of humor.
6. Organized and able to work in a virtual environment with minimal supervision.
All team members receive ongoing training and support. We are a hands-on network: team members build real, marketable skills (no photocopying here!). They also benefit from working with an inspired community of young global leaders committed to securing youth engagement around global challenges.

Send your resume and a statement on why you’re interested to opportunities@aidemocracy.org. Please include the name of the position you’re applying for in the email subject line. Also feel free to check out our website for more info: https://ampglobalyouth.org/volunteer-leadership-positions/#apply

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