GoinGlobal: A Research Tool for U.S. and International Jobs & Internships

Students & Alumni – GoinGlobal

Interested in studying abroad, finding an international internship or searching for a new job here or around the world?

Get answers to your internship and job search questions.  Get a realistic understanding of work permit and visa requirements, as well as financial considerations and other prime factors critical to your success in a new location.

  • For international students: Learn how to identify U.S. employers seeking to hire international professionals through H-1B visa petitions – and how to connect this information to current job opportunities.
  • For everyone: Learn how to connect your degree with hiring opportunities by identifying key employers and industry contacts for informational interviews and study abroad networking.

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Access GoinGlobal and other research tools on the Center for Career Discovery website! http://career.gatech.edu/career-research-tools-0

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