Governor’s Office Internship Opportunity

Deal Internship ProgramInitiated in 1971, the Governor’s Intern Program provides Georgia’s brightest and most ambitious students with professional experience to prepare for the working world. College juniors and seniors, graduate students and law students are eligible to apply to the Internship Program.

The Internship Program offers students valuable work experience in the Governor’s Office and in numerous agencies throughout the state. Interns work in a fast-paced environment and enjoy many opportunities to learn more about politics, state government and the legislative process.

Interns receive stipends biweekly based upon minimum wage. The application process for the program is highly competitive, consisting of an application and up to two rounds of interviews. More information about the program and application process can be found in the various sections of this website. Thank you for your interest in the Governor’s Intern Program!


Upon submission of their application, qualified students may be selected for an interview with the Governor’s Intern Program staff. After the preliminary interview with the Governor’s Intern Program staff, the student may be selected for a second round of interviews with a Governor’s Office or agency staff member from a department that will best utilize their talents and interests. This process is intended to determine the best possible placement and provides an excellent opportunity for college students to improve their interviewing and job search skills.

Internships in the Fall and Spring semesters last for 18 weeks and 13 weeks in the Summer. The Governor’s Intern Program strives to schedule the dates and deadlines for the internships in accordance with the academic schedule of most Georgia colleges, universities and law schools.

Eligibility Requirements

Students meeting the following requirements may be considered for an internship:

  • He/she must be a currently enrolled junior, senior, graduate student, or law student, or no more than one year past graduation.
  • He/she must have a 3.0 GPA or higher.
  • He/she must be a Georgia resident or attending/attended a Georgia college, university, or law school.


Upon the completion of your internship, we invite you to a reception with the Governor and First Lady at the Governor’s Mansion. At this reception you are given the opportunity to meet and mingle with the other interns and their supervisors from respective agencies. There is also a photo opportunity for you with the Governor and First Lady that you will be able to keep as a memento.”

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