Internship Opportunity at EPA Office of Air Policy & Program Support

2017 Positions at U.S. EPA’s Headquarters’ Office of Air Policy & Program Support (OAPPS)

“Who is eligible?

You must be a U.S. citizen and a full-time undergraduate, graduate or Ph.D. candidate student.  A diversity of candidates and fields of study are of interest including degree candidates in the following disciplines: sciences, economics, public policy, public health, engineering, political science, information technology, organizational management, and international policy.

What do volunteers under this program do?

Volunteers gain valuable experience in efforts to protect public health and the environment in concert with educational and research interests.  Intern tasks and projects may include activities under the Clean Air Act and related authorities and activities that contribute to:

  • Developing regulations;
  • Environmental justice;
  • E-Discovery;
  • Improving data accessibility;
  • Synthesizing, compiling and updating information clearinghouses;
  • Developing and updating SharePoint sites and websites;
  • Compiling best practices guides;
  • Assisting with analyses and coordination of international, economics, research, science policy issues; and
  • Stakeholder engagement, communications and outreach, among other activities, as needed.

What is the typical length of the volunteer opportunity?

Summer volunteers are expected to begin in late May/early June and work until approximately mid-August.  Fall/Winter volunteers are expected to begin in September and work until approximately mid-December.  We recognize, however, that this timeframe may vary due to class schedules, e.g., semester vs. quarters, and will work with individual candidates to refine the timing and duration of an internship as needed.

Volunteers may work full-time or part-time, but are expected to work a minimum of 20 hours per week.

There may be opportunities for tenures to be extended for those local to U.S. EPA Headquarters, the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area, or interns participating in local area semester study programs.

Are the positions paid?  Where are the positions held?  What are the benefits?

Our office is not able to provide financial compensation to its volunteers; however, some students are able to find stipends or grants from outside sources or obtain course credit from their school.  All positions will be held in the Office of Air Policy and Program Support (OAPPS) at U.S. EPA Headquarters in Washington, D.C. Volunteers may apply for a transit subsidy for the cost of local public transportation during the internship.

What does the Office of Air Policy and Program Support do?

OAPPS is a staff office in the Immediate Office of the Assistant Administrator for the Office of Air and Radiation (OAR).  OAPPS provides cross-program policy and programmatic support to OAR senior leadership and to OAR’s stationary source, mobile source, atmospheric program, and radiation / indoor air program offices.  Specific responsibilities and activities of the office are organized through six main practice areas including economics, science policy and research coordination, international activities, program tracking and management, Congressional and stakeholder engagement, and priority projects of senior OAR leadership.

How and when do I apply?

The deadline for applying is February 24, 2017.

Interviews are expected to be held in person or via teleconference call mid-March.

To be considered, an applicant should submit a cover letter and resume, preferably as a single Word or PDF file, by e-mail to Joseph Morris and Mary Resendez at and by no later than the deadline indicated above.

Please do not send writing samples, references or transcripts at this time.  If these materials are deemed necessary once applications are received, they will be specifically requested.  Upon acceptance of an internship offer, volunteers will need to sign a volunteer agreement that includes proof of enrollment or admittance to a qualifying educational institution and that the volunteer experience relates to the student’s educational goals.  We anticipate hosting 2-4 interns this summer.

Questions may be directed to:  Catrice Jefferson ( or 202-564-1668) or John Shoaff ( or 202-564-0531).

Thank you for your interest in joining our work to improve the environment and protect public health.”



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