Internships at the European Parliament in Washington, DC/Brussels

Internships at the European Parliament in Washington DC/Brussels

“The European Parliament Liaison Office with the US Congress invites US citizens to apply for a full-time, paid internship. What better place to monitor transnational politics in action, to see global players in international affairs addressing global challenges across a range of policy areas, and to witness the interplay between decision-makers in the US and lawmakers from the European Union?

The European Parliament Liaison Office with the US Congress (EPLO) is pleased to announce the launch of its next round of internships aimed at US citizens who have completed their bachelor degree. Up to six interns will be accepted in our Washington DC office from May 1-July 31, with an option to extend the internship for a further two months at our headquarters in Brussels from October 1 to November 30. The internship offers a unique opportunity for students and young professionals with an interest in transatlantic policy. We pay interns a monthly stipend of around $1300, cover travel costs to and from Brussels and also offer accident and sickness insurance.

What do EPLO interns do?

  • Work with staffers on specific policy areas or a broader range of transatlantic policy issues;
  • Participate in events and meetings with major interlocutors on Capitol Hill, executive agencies, think-tanks and NGOs;
  • Analyse legislation and policy discussions relevant to the transatlantic EU-US relationship;
  • Prepare working papers, memos and research papers for Members of the European Parliament and staffers at our headquarters;
  • Assist the preparation and management of visits to the US by Members of the European Parliament and senior staffers;
  • Support our internal and external communications outreach.

Up to six interns will be accepted in the office, each assigned to one of the European Parliament’s staffers charged with creating and fostering working relations between parliamentary committees and their Congressional and regulatory counterparts in the US government.

Staffers cover the following policy portfolios:

  • Foreign affairs, international trade/TTIP, development and human rights
  • Data, privacy, counter-terrorism, migration
  • Financial services, energy, environment, health
  • Cross-policy: European Parliament Research Service
  • Cross-policy: Communications
  • Cross-policy: Liaison with Congress leadership, embassies

What might you gain from an EPLO internship?

  • Familiarity with policy-making, both in the US and the European Union;
  • An opportunity to learn by doing;
  • Networking opportunities with EU institutions, Congress, think tanks, NGOs and others;
  • Experience working in a truly multinational European team – you may also practice your linguistic skills;
  • Access to a vibrant network of current and former interns;
  • Overall: a career-enhancing experience leaving you better-equipped for a future role in politics, international organisations, NGOs or the corporate sector.

Remuneration and conditions

  • A monthly stipend of €1294 will be granted for the duration of the internship in Washington DC and optional two-month extension in Brussels.
  • A travel allowance towards return flight costs from the US to Brussels is provided for those who take up the extension.
  • Accident and sickness insurance is available.
  • Interns may take two days of personal leave per month.
  • Interns are required to make their own housing arrangements.

The deadline to submit applications is March 12, at midnight Eastern Time. We require a CV in Europass format, a personal statement sent by the candidate and two letters of recommendation directly sent by faculty members.”

Full details are available on our website:

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