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ESL and Adult Education Programs Internship

The Language Programs Department is the adult learning branch of the LAA. This department offers English classes for English Language Learners (ELL), Spanish classes for non-Spanish speakers, and computer literacy classes for Spanish-speakers. This department seeks to help equip community members with the language skills necessary in order to be an integral part of the local community, as well as in order to compete for a job, thus working towards one of the LAA’s core visions of eradicating poverty in Georgia’s Latino community.

Internship Outcomes:

  1. Gain an understanding of the immigrant experience and the world of English Language Learning
  2. Practice and enhance Spanish language skills through frequent interaction with native Spanish speakers
  3. Gain experience in qualitative analysis through interpreting ELL student and teacher feedback in order to improve the overall Language Program
  4. Hone marketing skills through development of marketing and promotional materials for classes

Internship Duties/Responsibilities:

  1. Assist teachers and program staff to ensure all classes run smoothly
  2. Assist with Marketing campaigns and general communication efforts
  3. Manage student registration for each class session
  4. Respond (in Spanish) to phone and email inquiries about classes
  5. Gather qualitative feedback from students and teachers and interpret data in an effort to improve the Language Program operations.
  6. Help oversee the set-up and coordination of any special events within the department.

This internship requires a minimum of 15 hours/week commitment. Interns should have at least an intermediate knowledge of Spanish. All LAA internships are currently unpaid. Interested candidates should send resume and cover letter to Caroline Daigle, Volunteer Coordinator at

Family Services Internship

The Family Services Department is the social services component of Latin American Association. The LAA works closely with families in crisis seeking services such as rent assistance, food, or clothing. Case managers follow up with clients for at least 90 days to provide assistance enrolling in the SNAP (food stamps) program, Medicaid, and other social assistance programs. This department also aims to connect clients with other LAA services as well as additional community resources. An internship with this department presents an opportunity to gain a full understanding of the needs affecting metro-Atlanta’s Latino population.

Internship outcomes:

  1. Gain exposure and experience in the field of social work and social services.
  2. Develop a working knowledge of federal aid programs, such as SNAP, TANF and SCHIP, and how these programs apply to the Latino demographic
  3. Gain exposure to a bicultural/bilingual environment in the field of social and community services.
  4. Develop a positive attitude, cultural diversity skills, social intervention skills, and a strong desire to help the community.
  5. Serve as an integral part of community events and outreach activities.
  6. Learn how to relate effectively with people of diverse cultural and economic backgrounds.

Internship duties/responsibilities:

  1. Assist Family Support Specialists with the coordination of community outreach programs
  2. Help with recruitment of participants in all programs such as Parenting Classes, Anger Management Classes and Senior Citizen’s club
  3. Help enroll clients in support services and make follow-up calls regarding status of applications
  4. Meet with clients to gather basic information and identify needs
  5. Help coordinate food and clothing campaigns for food pantry and clothing room services
  6. Assist with data entry of daily client surveys
  7. Provide clients with a brief orientation about the Family Services Department, through phone calls and/or in person
  8. Conduct and/or support outreach events in the local community

This internship requires a minimum of 15 hours/week commitment. Interns must be fully bilingual in Spanish/English. All LAA internships are currently unpaid. Interested candidates should send resume and cover letter to

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