Next Generation Safeguards Internship Program

safeguards_flier-2pgThe Safeguards Internship Program is one of a wide range of student opportunites offered at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Students already involved in international safeguards policy studies will gain a basic technical understanding to complement their policy experience.

The growth of nuclear power worldwide requires a strong community of safety, security, and safeguards professionals trained in a variety of disciplines, including:

Nuclear and Engineering Fields

Nuclear Physics


Health Physics

Applied Mathematics and Statistics


Project Management

International Relations

Our National Laboratory, our nation, and our world need skilled professionals to enable us to
successfully meet the technical challenges of the future.


We understand that interns place a high value on networking, diversity, and developing personal relationships with each other. Our one-week intensive introduction course provides you the opportunity early in the summer to experience the wide range of topics, technologies, and challenges affecting international safeguards today – from an overview of the nuclear fuel cycle to future directions in disarmament, establish your community of friends and colleagues.

To fit your individual interests you will be paired with Safeguards experts in their field of study. You will participate in facility tour trips not available at any other location in the U.S. (such as to the historic B Reactor) and learn from technical experts beyond your mentors. In addition, we encourage team-building activities like sports leagues, and local and national professional society events. You will also appreciate having coordinators who help to connect you with other interns, and opportunities for social engagement and networking.


Students who have completed high school and who are admitted, in active status, and in good standing in an undergraduate/graduate program within an accredited college or university. Undergraduate, post bachelors, graduate, post masters, and doctoral students are encouraged to apply. A Grade Point Average above 3.0 (out of 4.0) is preferred. The prospective intern’s course of study could be focused in, but not limited to, disciplines that include chemistry, engineering, science, physics, or international studies.

We offer internship length flexibility, short and long opportunities ranging from 8- to
12- weeks during the summer months and beyond. Alternative Sponsored Fellow appointments are also available.

Are You Ready For a Challenge?

PNNL is seeking several ambitious, high-caliber students for a flexible summer internship.
Potential applicants maybe pursuing a course of study including but not limited to the following





International Studies

Our program provides opportunities for hands-on experience in a diverse set of technical projects as well as enriching classroom, field, and networking experiences.


In addition to the unique opportunity of working at a cutting-edge national research and  development laboratory,successful applicants will receive a Certificate of Achievement upon completion of the international safeguards course. Interns will also be given the opportunity to extend their stay at PNNL or continue to work hourly during the school year. Perhaps the most appealing benefit is the opportunity to pursue an exciting career in an innovative atmosphere of discovery.


Our program is designed to give interns a grounding in the legal and policy foundations of safeguards, an overview of how safeguards are implemented and how they have evolved in response to challenges, and an understanding of contemporary and prospective policy and technical issues in safeguards. To make sure you gain valuable hands-on experience, you will be paired with experienced mentors and gain valuable skills while working on ongoing nuclear safeguards related projects. You will take part in the intensive introduction to international safeguards, a week-long course consisting of lectures, tours, demonstrations, and in-class exercises focused on the following topics:

• Concepts, objectives, and history of nuclear safeguards

• Negotiation of safeguards agreements

• Safeguards information analysis

• Effectiveness and limitations of safeguards

• Future development of safeguards

This course will also include tours of local commercial and historical nuclear facilities.


Interested students may access the PNNL web site and complete an internship application at Applications are accepted year-round, but should be submitted by 30th of November 2009 for a summer 2010 internship.

• Internship applications/resumes/letters of recommendation will be reviewed and selections made early in 2010. If chosen for an interview, intern applicants will be notified.

• Other internship application mechanisms are available. Please write to to learn more about other alternatives.

• Internship applicants who are interviewed will be notified in a timely manner regarding selection/non-selection decision.

• Selections are based on applicants’ academic achievements, prior experience and technical interest.

Please note that all applicants must be eligible for a security clearance.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory interns working in the Safeguards Summer Internship Program.

For more information about the Safeguards Internship Program, contact:
Carrie MathewsProgram Manager

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
P.O. Box 999, MSIN K8-14
Richland, WA 99352
Phone: (509) 375-6783

April 2009 PNNL-SA-65633

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