Registering an Internship or Co-op job opportunity


In order to receive credit for an Internship or Co-op job, it must be ‘registered’ with and approved by the Center for Career Discovery & Development.

The first step is to upload information about the job onto your ‘CareerBuzz’ account.

  • Log onto ‘CareerBuzz’ at
  • Under the menu category ‘Job Acceptance/Placement Process’ click either “Internship” or “Co-op”.
  • This will bring up the ‘Job Acceptance/Placement’ document with complete instructions on the process of registering your job.

After you have uploaded the required information, a meeting is necessary to finalize the process. This meeting generally involves reviewing the contract and the steps to obtain and register the CRN#. You will find the link to the contract on #3 of ‘Job Acceptance/Placement’ document.

**In order to get credit for your co-op or internship…..YOU MUST register its CRN# via OSCAR before the end of the registration period.

Scheduling a Career Advisement meeting

To schedule advising appointments, you will log onto ‘CareerBuzz’, then under the category labeled “MY QUICKLINKS”, click ‘Request an Advisor Appointment’. Select ‘Dennis Lindsay’, then click ‘Check Availability’ to choose your most convenient day and time, then submit.

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