SPRING 2022 Pre-Teaching Internship

The Pre-Teaching Spring 2022 internship at Centennial Academy, a K-8 conversion charter school in Atlanta Public Schools, will support the implementation of Project-Based Learning (PBL) in a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) environment. The intern will support Accelerated Pathway Teachers in various grade levels as well as the STEAM Specialist and Gifted Coordinator. The emphasis of the experience will be on meeting the needs of a wide spectrum of learners particularly those identified as high-achieving learners. Research has shown that oftentimes accelerated scholars are one of the most underserved populations within schools. With the Accelerated Pathway, scholars receive rigorous instruction using above grade-level standards in Mathematics and Science. The Accelerated Pathway Program is further enhanced through the daily integration of rigorous Project-Based Learning (PBL) Units. Interns will work 20 hours per week for $10 per hour.

The deadline to apply for this opportunity is November 29, 2021.


  • Observe experienced classroom teachers’ instructional practices 
  • Experience what the teaching profession has to offer
  • Collaboratively plan PBL lessons with a team of teachers
  • Assist teachers in planning and executing project-based learning activities
  • Assist Accelerated Pathway Teachers in planning and executing professional learning experiences 
  • Setup, implement, supervise, and break down student labs (if applicable)
  • Develop engaging and rigorous enrichment activities
  • Lead whole class and small group instruction as deemed appropriate 
  • Acquire skills in classroom management under the supervision of a teacher
  • Improve scholars’ course content mastery, particularly in above grade-level standards 
  • Assist in the academic preparation for the Georgia Milestones Assessments
  • Assess scholar work and provide feedback to scholars under the supervision
  • Assist teachers in the design of appropriate assessments of scholar learning 
  • Assist teachers in the design of Applied Learning Demonstrations for Project-Based Learning
  • Use backward design to develop lessons that provide scholars with a clear path to mastery


  • Current undergraduate at Georgia Tech
  • Have a 2.5 or higher cumulative G.P.A. when applying
  • Be a current undergraduate at Georgia Tech for the entire duration of the internship
  • Be in current good academic standing
  • Have a strong background in mathematics or science; knowledge in engineering design preferred; the specific discipline focus of the internship will be dependent upon the selected applicant
  • Applicants do not have to commit to becoming a teacher to intern.

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