Intern Spotlight – Katie Beall (FALL 2009)

Katie BeallKatie Beall, is a senior INTA major from Macon, GA that has been involved since her freshman year in several campus organizations, including freShGA, and the International Affairs honor society, Sigma Iota Rho.   Katie has also served as a team leader for GT1000 and as a host for Connect With Tech.   We asked her a few questions about her internship with the Governor’s Intern Program in fall 2008, and how her time at Tech helped her succeed in her internship.

What did you enjoy most about your internship and what did you find most challenging?

I have most enjoyed the exposure to the many different internal efforts that are necessary to run effective and efficient state-wide programs. The most difficult challenge has been trying to understand and become quickly acquainted with the varied responsibilities associated with each division. Through these experiences, I have learned to appreciate the complexity and impact of Georgia state government. In each division, I have worked with a group of sincere people dedicated to serving the people of Georgia in the most positive, helpful manner.

Tell us about an experience that made an impression on you during your internship.

Within weeks of starting, I was faced with the repercussions of a large communications error. Much of my initial work was spent corresponding with and connecting to staff involved in this difficult situation.  From that experience, I have learned to stress the importance of seeking others’ input when facilitating communication between parties involved

In what ways did your time at Tech prepare you for the internship?

Being a student at Tech has taught me critical time management and organizational skills. In activities outside of the classroom, Tech has improved my professionalism and communication skills. My international affairs coursework has developed my sense of awareness for others and their different backgrounds. Everyday work activities called upon my writing and critical thinking skills to make positive, impactful decisions. The heavy workload I have been exposed to at Tech has prepared me and pushed me to be an efficient, and proactive intern.

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