Office Hours

For Spring 2020, advising hours for Stephanie Jackson are as follows:

Monday: 2pm – 4pm (Virtual Only)
Tuesday: 10am – 12noon & 2pm – 4pm
Wednesday: 10am – 12noon (Walk-ins Only)
Thursday: 10am – 12noon & 2pm – 4pm
Friday: 10am – 12pm

Appointments are available between these hours.  Wednesdays, between 10am and 12noon, are for Walk-ins only.  Stephanie’s office is located in the Habersham Building, room 156. Appointments can be made on the Grades First Scheduler:  If none of these hours are convenient, please contact her to arrange a mutually convenient appointment time.

Please be courteous and notify Stephanie or cancel your appointment if something comes up and you are unable to meet.

Office hours for Dr. Mikulas Fabry, Director of Undergraduate Programs this Spring 2020 are as follows:

Mondays, 1-3pm. Please contact via email to arrange an appointment.