Expense-paid Study Abroad in Macau, China, May 20-July 1, 2016


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Expense-paid Study Abroad in Macau, China, May 20-July 1, 2016

This new, expenses-paid summer program is in partnership with the United Nations University Institute on Computing and Society (UNU-CS). It is a six-week long guided research program worth 6 Computer Science or International Affairs credit hours. Based in Macau, China, participants will engage in research programs focused on information and communication technologies and international development, especially in an Asian context.

The program provides a research fellowship to all participants to cover their Atlanta-Macau/Hong Kong airfare and room and board while in Macau. Inquiries are welcome and interested students are encouraged to apply early by emailing fw@gatech.edu.

The Sam Nunn School of International Affairs is announcing an exciting new opportunity for Georgia Tech students to study and research abroad in Macau, China in the summer of 2016.
In partnership with the United Nations University Institute on Computing and Society (UNU-CS), the Nunn School will take a few students to visit UNU-CS for six weeks to conduct novel research on information and communication technologies and international development, mainly in the Asian context. The students will design and carry out inter-disciplinary research individually or in teams, in consultation with the program faculty and the UNU-CS host. They are encouraged to focus on the key challenges faced by developing societies through high-impact innovations in computing and communication technologies. More specifically, the students will learn and work on investigating and inventing human centered information and communication technologies addressing some of the priorities central to the United Nations and the world such as: sustainability, development, governance, peace and security, human rights and human dignity.
Centrally located in Macau, a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China, the UNU-CS offers living and working space and ready access to policymakers within the UN system and local societies, inter-disciplinary computer scientists, social scientists and designers in developing countries, and the enormous dynamism of the city of Macau and Pearl River Delta region and beyond.
With the generous support of a Denning Grant, the program will provide Atlanta- Macau/Hong Kong airfare and room and board in Macau to all participants for six weeks. The student will be responsible for personal and medical insurances, an application fee and a registration fee, Georgia Tech summer school (study abroad) tuition of 6 credit hours, and personal incidentals. UNU-CS may also help with other local expenses such as field trips in Asia.
Please help to spread the word about this incredible program and join us for six weeks in Greater China. Application forms are here: http://www.oie.gatech.edu/sa/application. Applicants should also send a brief research design including possible team-mate information, resume, and two letters of faculty recommendation to Professor Fei-Ling Wang at the Nunn School by email to fw@gatech.edu. Questions can also be sent to the same email. To ensure full consideration, the application should be submitted as soon as it is ready but not later than December 18, 2015. The accepted and wait-listed students will be notified by February 2016. Program participants are required to take part in predeparture program orientations.


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