International Parliamentary Scholarship of the German Parliament

The German Bundestag collaborates with the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Freie Universität Berlin and Technische Universität Berlin to run its International Parliamentary Scholarships (IPS) scheme.  This gives well qualified young people with a strong interest in politics from the USA, France, Israel and Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe and Arab region the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of Germany’s system of parliamentary government.

The scheme involves fifteen-week placements with Members of the German Bundestag. The participants are introduced to the wide variety of tasks carried out in a Member’s office. For example, they may find themselves drafting speeches, articles and letters or doing preparatory work for plenary sittings.  The exchange programmes of the German Bundestag are conceived of as exciting ways of teaching young people about the significance of friendly cooperation based on shared political and cultural values.

The International Parliamentary Scholarship of the German Parliament is accepting applications through June 30th, 2017! This unique opportunity to intern in the Bundestag alongside young professionals from over 40 other countries runs from March – July 2018.
Candidates must be American citizens with advanced German proficiency no older than 30 years of age by the time the program begins in March 2018. They must also have received a bachelor’s degree by December 31st 2017, and have a demonstrated interest in social and political engagement. All majors are eligible.
 A summary of the program in English is available here: 
…and a more detailed German version including links to the application documents is here:

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