SUMMER 2021 Scotland Summer Study Abroad Program

Study abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland this summer! The program is limited to 40-50 students, and spots are given out on a first come first serve basis. The six week program runs from May 24- July 10, 2021, with classes at the University of Edinburgh running from May 26-July 7. Final exams will be held on July 9.

The deadline to apply is March 1, 2021

Program Details

  • Program Charge: $4500
    • Details on tuition and travel expenses are available here
  • Classes will meet Monday-Thursday to allow for travel time
  • NOTE: Final exams take place on a Friday.
  • Students will take 6-8 credit hours (2 of the 4 courses below)
  • Tentative Courses to be offered
    • Psyc 2015 (Research Methods, 4 credit hours); provides social science credit; also provides ethics credit
      • Introduction to methods used in conducting research on human behavior. Experimental research emphasized, but course covers other methods and some statistics. Includes a lab component.
      • Instructor: Mary Holder
    • Psyc 3012 / 4011 (Cognitive Psychology, 3 or 4 credit hours); Psyc 3012 provides social science credit, ¬†Psyc 4011 does not
      • Exploration of the central aspects of human cognition including pattern recognition, attention, memory, language, categorization, problem solving, and decision making; phenomena and methods are stressed. 4011 includes a lab component
      • Instructor: Richard Catrambone
    • Psyc 4020 / Neuro 3003 (Biopsychology / Neuroscience of Behavior, 3 credit hours)
      • Neurophysiological, endocrinological, and biochemical bases of sensory and motor functioning, motivation, learning, memory, and behavior dysfunction.
      • Instructor: Mary Holder
    • LMC 3520 (Contemporary Issues in Literature and Culture, 3 credit hours); provides humanities credit
      • Instructor: JC Reilly

For more information and to apply, click here.

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