Now That’s INTAresting: Madi Wickett

We are shifting to talk with Nunn School students and alumni who have received minors in STEM-related fields to learn how a combination of International Affairs and STEM fields can shape a career path!

In this episode, we speak with Madi Wickett, a graduating Spring 2021 senior with a BS in International Affairs and Modern Languages (IAML) and a Minor in Computing and Intelligence. Listen to learn more about how Madi’s internships, positions as a Student Assistant, and Computer Science-related coursework has helped to shape a career path at the intersection of International Affairs and STEM.

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Highlights with Madi:

  • Be self-taught! Being willing to learn more can be helpful in future internships, jobs, and other opportunities!
  • Look at and be open to all opportunities, even if it might not be the internship or job that you originally wanted!
  • Find ways to apply the skills you have learned during your coursework in your jobs or internships!
  • Pursue what you are interested in! Find the minor that relates to these interests!


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