Now That’s INTAresting: Erin Kowalsky

On this episode of Now That’s INTAresting, we talk with Erin Kowalsky, a graduating senior, earning a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering and a Minor in International Affairs from the Nunn School.

Erin talks about how receiving an INTA minor can assist in internship opportunities and shape future career paths through discussions of study abroad, internships, and research.

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Highlights with Erin:

  • Understanding politics and culture is important when working internationally!
  • There are a variety of courses offered with the International Affairs Minor. Find ones that you find interesting!
  • Internships help you to apply what you have learned! Use what you know!
  • Talk with your peers! They can be great mentors for future academic and career goals!
  • Vertically Integrated Projects (VIPs) are a great way to start getting involved in research! Or you can reach out to professors!


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