Now That’s INTAresting: Sarah Drummond

In this episode, we speak with Sarah Drummond, a Sam Nunn School alum who graduated with a Bachelor of Science in International Affairs and Modern Languages (IAML) and a Minor in Global Development. Sarah discusses how the Global Development Minor and an international perspective through various internships, study abroad, and volunteer activities can become a career path.

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Highlights with Sarah:

  • Look for ways to add hands-on application to your study abroad program—as with the Global Development Study Abroad Program in South Africa.
  • Put your all into your internships or other opportunities; those around you will notice!
  • Don’t be intimidated by the Global Development sphere within International Affairs. If you are interested in it, go for it (that goes for any and all opportunities, as well)!
  • Learning the basics, background, and structure of the work you are doing is essential to future contributions to the program or job!
  • International experiences and perspectives greatly broaden career paths and/or career goals.


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