Now That’s INTAresting: Zara Albright

In this episode, we speak with Zara Albright who received a BS and MS in International Affairs from the Nunn School as part of the 5 Year BS/MS Program. Zara is currently pursuing a PhD from the Department of Political Science at Boston University. Listen to Zara’s experiences with studying abroad, interning, and pursuing a PhD!

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Highlights with Zara:

  • Tailor your BS/MS degree to what you are interested in!
  • Studying abroad gives you a great, on-the-ground perspective in international affairs! Take advantage of Nunn School study abroad programs, if you can!
  • If you can, get involved with research early in your academic career!
  • Don’t be afraid to talk with students, staff, faculty, or alumni about your career interests! Even if you are the only one interested in a particular career path, lean on your resources for support!


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