Sports Related Courses at Georgia Tech

Sports Related Courses at Georgia Tech


The new minor in Sports, Society, and Technology should be starting up in the fall, pending Board of Regents approval. Students do not need to be SST minors to take the courses. Below is a list of sports related courses for summer and fall (beyond just HTS courses).

Summer, 2013-2014
ECON 4813 Sports Economics
May 12-June 18 MTWR 9:20-11:20
Professor Juan Moreno-Cruz

Fall 2014-2015
APPH 2500 Introduction to Sport Science
TTH at 12:05-1:25
Professor Melinda Millard-Stafford
(class meets at 575 Fourteenth Street)

MGT 4803 Legal Issues in Sports Management
MWF at 11:05-11:55
Professor Lawrence Keller

HTS 3073 Sociology of Sports
TTH 9:35-10:55
Professor Mary McDonald

HTS 3803 Olympics In Asia
TTH 3:05-4:25
Professor Hanchau Lu

HTS 3823 Boxing, Race and American Culture
TTH 1:35-2:55
Professor Johnny Smith

HTS 4001 Sports and Modern America
W 9a-12noon
Professor Johnny Smith
(open to HTS Majors)

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