Call for Submissions: Posters for presentation at the 2015 Annual Georgia Political Science Association Meeting


Call for undergraduate and graduate student poster session

The organizing committee of the “Trending the Political: Memeing the Political Past with the Digitized Future”(GPSA 2015) is accepting undergraduate and graduate student posters for presentation at the 2015 Annual Georgia Political Science Association Meeting.

Undergraduate students are an increasingly important element in the production and expansion of political knowledge. In its best form, undergraduate research can be seen as a collaborative apprenticeship, where undergraduates and faculty work together in a shared enterprise to create or expand the political knowledge base. In addition, as faculty, collaboration with undergraduate students in research is one of the most important ways we can facilitate innovation within our discipline. At its best, undergraduate research and collaboration can transform the way that we study political science.

The submitted poster abstracts will be selected on the basis of the clarity and the novelty of the ideas they present. Selected poster presenters will be given space to present their posters in a “Poster Presentation Session” at the beginning of the conference. The main idea of the “Poster Presentation Session” is to create a lively and intellectually challenging environment for undergraduate and graduate students to relate their ideas to a sophisticated audience and to invite discussions of their ideas during the conference.

Please send posters abstracts of 150-200 words, along with a short bio of the author(s) to or by Oct. 9,2015. Decisions regarding selected posters will be emailed to presenters by Oct. 16, 2015.

Interested students should:

1. Become a student member of the GPSA, if they have not already.
2. Register for the conference
3. Email their poster title, faculty mentor’s name and email address and abstract by Oct. 9, 2105 to and

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