Additional Opportunities for Fall 2016 Federal Jackets Fellowships

“Hello Jackets! –

As you are aware, the Office of Government and Community Relations at Georgia Tech seeks Tech students to apply for the Federal Jackets Fellowship every semester. While the original deadline for Fall 2016 participation was earlier this year, there is now funding for additional applicants for Fall 2016. If you are a Tech student seeking an internship opportunity for this Fall in Washington, D.C. or know someone who might be, please let them know of this opportunity. You can find more information about the Fellowship requirements and the link to apply on our website! ( As a reminder, the Fellowship is a stipend ($7,500 for Fall/Spring and $5,000 for Summer) to offset expenses (housing, transportation, and living expenses) while our students are working full-time in a federal government office in and around Washington, D.C. The Fall/Spring Fellows must secure a minimum 16-week internship, 10 weeks for the Summer. Internship opportunities within the federal government are countless, but the Office of Federal Relations is here to help any student with questions or guide in the internship search process.

The new deadline to submit an application for Fall 2016 is June 27th, so hurry!

Also keep in mind applications for the Spring and Summer 2017 semesters will be due in mid-October so mark your calendars and start looking for those D.C. internship opportunities!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jeff Cullen, Assistant Director of Federal Relations, at

Good luck and GO JACKETS!”

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