Breakthrough Atlanta Teaching Fellowship

Breakthrough Atlanta’s mission is to increase the academic opportunity for underserved students and to inspire and develop the next generation of teachers and educational leaders.  The Breakthrough Teaching Fellowship is designed for undergraduates of all majors and for those who intend to pursue a career in education. Education coursework is not a prerequisite. They are seeking applicants from diverse backgrounds and life experiences to join them in a nine-week residency in which they will receive over 100 hours of teaching and leadership training and over 75 hours of classroom experience. Teaching fellows will have the opportunity to practice skills that will prepare them for the classroom and other leadership settings. Fellows will receive a $2,200 stipend.

The program will run from May 26, 2021, until July 24, 2021. Applications are open, and they are accepting applicants until all positions are filled.

Program Details

Fellows will:
  • Learn lesson planning, classroom management, instructional strategies, feedback techniques, and other essential learning tools
  • Receive regular coaching from professional educators
  • Lead family conferences and participate in team meetings
  • Teach core academic classes (math, science, writing, literature) and elective classes (e.g., foreign language, dance, art)
  • Collaborate with colleagues in a challenging, fun, and supportive environment
  • Work with a diverse group of highly motivated students, staff, and teachers
  • Learn how to receive and deliver actionable feedback
  • Practice presentation skills
  • Hone time management and project planning

For more information and to apply, click here.

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