Call for Applicants- Global Health Corps 2011-2012 Fellowships for individuals focusing on healthcare who have an undergrad degree and are under 30yrs old


Global Health Corps (GHC) believes that a global movement of individuals and organizations fighting for improved health outcomes and access to healthcare for the poor is necessary in order to change the unacceptable status quo of extreme inequity. GHC works to strengthen this movement by recruiting, training, and supporting the movement’s future leaders, diversifying the pool of young people working in global health, and amplifying the impact of individuals through the formation of a strong community of leaders.

GHC provides opportunities for young professionals from diverse backgrounds to work on the frontlines of the fight for global health equity in year-long fellowships. Our fellows have a measurable impact on the health of the communities in which they work, and draw upon that experience and the GHC alumni network to deepen their impact throughout their careers.

GHC will create a pipeline of young leaders for the global health equity movement, and at scale will play a central role in sustaining and consistently reinvigorating this movement for change. This infusion of young, passionate, skilled leaders will help to tip the balance towards a more equitable and just global distribution of health services.


Applications for 2011-2012 fellowships are now open! Applicants may choose up to three fellowship placements to apply for. Please check out our Open Placements page for a full list of available fellowships and their descriptions.

Open 2011-2012 Fellowship Application

Deadline for US Applicants: 11:59PM EST March 1, 2011

Deadline for International Applicants: 11:59PM EST April 1, 2011


Global Health Corps Fellows must:

  • Be under age 30 at the time of application
  • Have an undergraduate university degree by July 2011
  • Be proficient in English

No specific background or technical experience is necessary, as each individual fellowship placement will require different specific skills. Review the fellowship placement descriptions (posted February 1st) to learn about the specific assignments and the skills that our placement organizations are looking for.

For all Fellowships, we value three qualities: strength of character, relevant skills and experience, and leadership.

Fellowship Placements

Fellowship placements for the 2011-12 fellowship year are offered in Burundi, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, and the USA. For each placement, two fellows will be selected: One in-country fellow (citizen of the placement country), and one international fellow (US citizens for placements in Africa; any non-US citizen for placements in the US).

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