Villgro Fellowship 2012-2013

As a Villgro Fellow, you will work with a social enterprise for 1 year, applying your skills to create real impact in rural India.  Many Villgro fellows have gone onto work/consult for social enterprises or pursue further studies in the social sector.

3-4 years experience in any of the following areas – Strategic Planning, Finance and Accounting, HR, Sales and Marketing, IT and Operations.

What is the Villgro Fellowship?
Villgro works with social entrepreneurs who are changing rural India with innovative ideas such as Bee-Keeping that increases farm yield and financial returns for farmers, cost-effective anaemia testing machines to prevent maternal mortality, to name a few. You expertise helps the social enterprise at a critical stages in its journey. Working hands-on with the social enterprises opens your mind to different possibilities. Villgro will provide training and financial support.

Fellowship Process:
May 20th Last day for Application
Sept 12th Fellowship Begins
Sept 12th – Oct 6th Fellowship Induction
October 10th – Aug 17th 2013 Work at Incubatee Organization
Aug 20th – Sept 7th Off-boarding

Call Sucharita – 09381516767

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